All 10 Digiscope platforms feature advanced visualisation, interaction and collaboration capabilities. They are all different from each other, in order to match the needs of each partner and application domain.


The Digiscope platforms feature very large, wall-sized displays, with a diagonal between 2 and 11 meters, and ultra high resolution, up to 130 million pixels. They support the display of large and complex data, as well as collaborative work.

Two platforms are immersive environments, and four support 3D perception, and four are 2D wall-sized displays.


All platforms feature advanced interaction capabilities, in particular to support gesture-based interaction.

Some feature a multitouch display, others support haptic and force feedback, and most of them feature a real-time motion capture system.

It is also possible to use tablets and other devices to interact with the content of the display.


The Digiscope rooms support collaborative work with groups between 2 and 15 people depending on their size.

Moreover, all the platforms are interconnected by a telepresence network that lets remote users share the content of the displays and see and talk to each other.

Such a network is unique worldwide, and will be extended to other platforms beyond those of Digiscope.