Immersive 5-side CAVE with whole-body tracking and two haptic arms

More about this platform

VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kubic Interface) is a 5-screen (3 walls, floor and ceiling) 19 cubic meters immersive environment with high-resolution laser retro-projection, for a total of 34 square meters of display space. The platform features a 3D optical motion tracking system and two 6D force feedback devices on a motorized platform to interact in the entire space.

Technical description

  • Display: 5-sided (3 walls, floor and ceiling) CAVE
  • Size: 3m20 x 2m, height: 2m95
  • Resolution: 6 Full-HD (WUXGA) 3D projectors (Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser 11K lumens): 13,8240,000 pixels, pitch: 1.54mm
  • Cluster: 8-PC cluster (1 per projector, 1 master, 1 front-end), HP Z800 with NVidia K6000 GPU plus 7 synchronization cards
  • Motion tracking: 8-camera ART 3D tracking system (ARTTRACK 5 and 5C) with head and whole body tracking and flysticks
  • Haptics: 2 Haption Virtuose 6D arms (with a gripper), mounted on a SCALE-1 motorized platform


  • Node manager: Thibaut Lainé (CEA)
  • Project coordinators: Laurent Chodorge (CEA)
  • Phone number: +33 1 69 08 19 75
  • Installed by: Immersion
  • Operational since: January 2016


Building 660 (Digiteo - Claude Shannon) - Université Paris-Sud, Orsay