Large immersive, multi-sensorimotor and multi-user CAVE system

More about this platform

The EVE system (Evolutive Virtual Environment) has been designed to provide multi-user 3D perceptions in a large and reconfigurable immersive Virtual Environment. Built within a large acoustical room, EVE is equipped with high-end 3D audio, haptic devices and 3D tracking of people and objects.

The visual display of the EVE system is composed of several 5m high HD screens surrounding a 13m² floor-glass screen. It supports dual stereoscopy for co-located collaborative interaction in an immersive environment.


P. Cazaux, J.-M. Vézien, P. Martin, D. Touraine, N. Férey, P. Bourdot - "Le système EVE : aperçu des recherches en cours en immersion collaborative et en téléopération." Actes de AFRV 2010, Orsay, France, Dec 2010.

Technical description

  • Display: 4-sided, 5m-high CAVE with a 13 m2 glass floor, all back projected
  • Size: height: 4.70m, floor: 2.70m x 4.80m (13 m2)
  • Resolution: 7 HD projectors, 1920 x 1080 pixels = 14,515,200 pixels
  • Display modes: Single stereoscopy on the full height of the CAVE, or dual-stereoscopy in single-height configuration. The right wall can be rotated to be flat with the front side.
  • Motion tracking: 9-camera ART 3D motion tracking system
  • Audio: Spatial sound
  • Haptics: Haption Scale-1 haptic arm covering the entire CAVE area.


  • Node manager: Jeanne Vézien (LIMSI-CNRS)
  • Project coordinator: Patrick Bourdot (LIMSI-CNRS)
  • Phone number: +33 1 69 85 81 64
  • Web site: http://www.limsi.fr/venise/EVEsystem
  • Operational since: May 2010


Building 512, LIMSI-CNRS - Université Paris-Sud, Orsay