4K powerwall with 3D display and a multitouch table.

More about this platform

SINAPSE (Salle Interactive Numérique d'Affichage pour une Pédagogie et Science d'Excellence) is an 11 square meter 3D powerwall with 4K back projection, a motion tracking system and a multitouch table.


Technical description

  • Projection: 1 Mirage 4K25 projector (Christie) on Da-Lite glass screen.
  • Size: 4.55 x 2.4 m (11 m2)
  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160 x 120Hz (Stereo enabled with Volfoni Edge RF)
  • Display modes: either one SMP 32-core machine with 1 To RAM and 2 K6000 outputs; or 2 HP Z820 PCs with 32 Go RAM and 1 K6000 each. Distribution/Sync via TechViz XL.
  • 3d tracking: 4 ART cameras
  • Audio: 5.1 surround sound by JAMO kit on ONKYO amplifier (TX-SR309).
  • Table: Multitouch table with PQ Labs frame, free horizontal/vertical tilt.
  • External sources: Dedicated wifi, HDMI or VGA source.


  • Node manager: Fabien Archambault (Ecole Centrale Paris)
  • Project coordinator: Fabien Archambault (Ecole Centrale Paris)
  • Phone number: -
  • Website:
  • Operational since: December 2014
  • Installed by: Antycip Simulations


CentraleSupelec, Campus de Châtenay - Grande Voie des Vignes, 92290 Châtenay-Malabry